14pcs S1018 Nail Art Fashion Sticker Manicure Decoration White Orange Black

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Do you want to be more charming and confident in the crowd? Do you want to be a shining star at dancing party? Here we are pleased to recommend this S1018 Nail Sticker to you. The glamorous and romantic nail sticker will beautify your fingers! With fashionable and cute design, it is suitable for each woman. With fine craftsmanship and superior material, the nail sticker is long-lasting and elegant. The hottest nail fashion is coming! It will be your perfect decoration! Refreshing your nails starts from this nail sticker!

1. Natural and fadeless
2. Create your own style on the nail and enhance the beauty of your nails
3. The package is easy to carry and store
4. Perfect your nails with wonderful nail sticker decoration
5. A perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend
6. Suitable for professional or home use

1. Condition: New
2. Weight: 0.32oz/9g
3. Dimensions:4.21x2.83inch/10.7x7.2cm(L x W)
4. Package Dimensions: 6.93x3.78inch/17.6x9.6cm(L x W )
5.  Color: Consist of  white ,black,orange
6.Material:PET Coating,Environment Friendly Ink

Package Includes:
1 x Professional Nail Sticker(14pieces)

Extra Info:
Step By Step:
1. Select a design and peel off by your nail (don't touch the glue)
2. Place the design on nail/tip and Rub it gently several times
3. Apply top coat for the best result

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