16G 16GB High Capacity Micro SD SDHC TF Flash Memory MicroSD Card + SD Adapter

Are you searching for the best "16G 16GB High Capacity Micro SD SDHC TF Flash Memory MicroSD Card + SD Adapter? Here I recommend one from DealExtreme Company, a professional company focus on this kind of product.

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As we know, the TF Memory Card has been widely used by the people because of its competitive price and high capacity. This kind of memory card is suitable for digital camera, mobile phone, MP3 and so on. It can be used to save the personal data, such as digital photograph, songs, and games or others. And this TF Memory Card comes with different capacities, choose it according to need. Then come to gain the TF Memory Card, you will gain the best after-sales services.

1.16GB High Capacity CF Memory Card is in new condition
2.It is is one of the smallest formats available in consumer electronics
3.This card expands memory capacity for mobile phones or any other devices of a CF card slot
4.Low battery consumption
5.This 16GB High Capacity TF Memory Card supports SD & SPI mode
6.Non-volatile solid-state, data is not lost when power is turned off
7.Security level complies with both current and future security digital music
8.Initiative(SDMI) portable device requirements
9.Low battery consumption to maximize battery life in small portable devices

1. Capacity: 16GB
2. Color: black

Package includes:
1 x 16GB  High Capacity TF Memory Card
1 x Micro SD Adapter

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