2* Mirror Screen Protector Cover for Apple iPhone 3G

Are you searching for the best "2* Mirror Screen Protector Cover for Apple iPhone 3G? Here I recommend one from DealExtreme Company, a professional company focus on this kind of product.

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The Apple iPhone Mirror Screen Protector is a great way to keep your Apple iPhone’s LCD Screen scratch-free and brilliant. Made of durable plastic, the Apple iPhone Mirror Screen Protector protects you Apple iPhone’s screen from scratches and dust, without affecting the touch screen’s sensitivity. A unique feature that separates this screen guard from other ones is that the screen is designed to double as a mirror.

The special Apple iPhone Screen Protector reflects just like a regular mirror when the screen is turned off and displays your screen when turned on. Perfect for checking your make-up, your teeth after a meal, or even signaling for help, this handy mirror/ screen protector will keep you looking professional at all times.

1. Turn your iphone into mirror when it's off, while keep clear screen view when you use it.
2. Best Screen Protector for your Apple iPhone 3G
3. Protector is made of a thermo-plastic polymer (PET) that is very lightweight and impact resistant
4. Fully Covers the Entire Front Face of the iPhone for FULL PROTECTION, unlike other protectors that only covers the lighted screen section
5. Pre-cut Protector - you do not need to cut the protector to fit your iPhone 3G
6. High Quality, Ultra Thin and Optically Clear Screen Protector
7. Anti-Glare and Anti-Scratch Coating
Provides Instant Protection from Scratches, Dust and Fingerprints
Bubble Free Application
8. 99% Transparency produces vibrant colors from the screen
9. Easy to remove with no sticky residue
10. Specifically made for the Apple iPhone 3G Only (8GB, 16GB )

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