Car 12V 1156 7506 24-led Tail Brake Turn Signal Light Bulb Lamp White

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Do you want to get a turn signal light to brighten your way? Add safety to your car by installing this new turn signal lights which is available at Tmart. It features round shaped and high brightness that create a unique vehicle appearance. This turn signal light is located at the four corners of the car to signal a turn when driving. It can be used at night or in poor visibility situations, and display information about the car’s position, size, brake status and the direction you want to go at the same time. The main turn signal power is generally 20-25 W and the side one is 5 W with 1.sic.5 HZ frequency.

1.Excellent replacement for the turn signal light of cars
2.Newest turn signal lamps with super-high-intensity LED which are designed specifically for the car, truck and SUV
3.This turn signal light has faster response time compared to ordinary automotive light
4.It features low power consumption and long life span
5.The brightness of turn signal light is three times the normal LED bulbs
6.It is easy to assemble and durable in use
7.Simple to install and compose, easy to maintain and repair and durable in use
8.It is heatproof and waterproof, simple to install
9.These bulbs adopt advanced patent pending control circuitry found in no other LED bulbs
10.Good combination of brighter light output and lower power consumption
11.Good replacement for turn signal light, corner light, parking light, side marker light, backup light and tail light and so on
12.Powered by DC 12 Volts, energy saving


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