Lot 10 x UK US AU To EU EURO France Germany Travel Adaptor Plug Convert European

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This travel plug is exquisite, safe, easy to carry, transform plug socket adapter which is suitable used indifferent countries. The plug and socket specifications, a relaxed, speak smoothly! This universal travel plug can only convert current not voltage. Original plug set of meshing technique ensures the safety of the users.

1.Suitable for non-native travelers in Europe
2.Converted Euro/ German plug adapter to universal one
3.Applicable countries includes: Germany, France, South Korea, US,Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary, Netherlands, Norway,  Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Luxembourg, Finland, Thailand, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Cuba, Croatia, Egypt, Greece, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Burma, Oman, Rwanda, Senegal, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mongolia and so on.
6.Size:250v (AC) 10A
Gender: Plug
8.Connector Type: Universal

Package Includes:
10 x Europe/German Changeover Plug (White)

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