Motion Sensor Light Detection Light Detector Movement Sensor Lights for DOODA

Are you searching for the best "Motion Sensor Light Detection Light Detector Movement Sensor Lights for DOODA? Here I recommend one from DealExtreme Company, a professional company focus on this kind of product.

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1. This is a tailor-made for a family of multi-purpose sensor lights
2. When surrounding brightness is not enough, this product will automatically fill the illumination light on standby,
3. As long as people move, the sensor sensing the body automatically starts lighting function, automatically help lighting need a place of light
4. The illumination time of it about 20 seconds
5. Suitable for using in bedroom, cupboard, corridor, workroom, cellar, garage and etc
6. It can be used in camp and automobile as emergency lamp

1. Influence Mode PIR: Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor
2. Influence Control: Light Sensor(only use night, daytime not work)
3. Sensor Sensitivity Angle: 90 angle
4. Sensor Sensitivity Distance: 3.5M
5. Three bulit-in control Switches of operating states: Off, On and Auto
6. Powered by: 2 x CR2032 button battery(included)
7. LED: super white led
8. LED Quality: 1pcs
9. LED Lifespan: 100,000 hours
10. Delay Time: 25s
11. Standby Current: <0.35 mA
12. Operating Temperature: -5?

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