New 1.8m Male to VGA & amp VGA or DVI USB Male Cable

Are you searching for the best "New 1.8m Male to VGA & amp VGA or DVI USB Male Cable? Here I recommend one from DealExtreme Company, a professional company focus on this kind of product.

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2.  M1 Converter cables (also known as EVC or PandD cables) work with projectors and other devices with the new universal M1 connector. M1 can carry both digital and analog signals as well as USB. Many new projectors on the market utilize this new technology to provide the flexibility of connecting to either VGA or DVI inputs. Plus, the USB component allows the use of a wireless presenter -- with just one cable!
3.  Compatible with the following projectors: Ask Proxima
4.  C110, C130, C160, C170, C180, C410, C420, C460, M1, M2, M2+, C445, C450, C175, C185, DP1200X, DP1000X. Dell: 3200MP, 3300MP, 4100MP, 5100MP. InFocus: LP120, LP130, LP335, LP340, LP340B, LP350, LP500, LP530, LP540, LP600, LP630, LP640, LP70, LP70+, LP840, LP850, LP930, LS110, X2, X3, SP777, SP4805, SP5000, SP5700, SP7200, SP7205, SP7210, IN32, IN34, IN72, IN74EX. Toshiba: TDP-T3, TDP-S3, TDP-S2V, TDP-T1, TDP-S1-US, TPD-B1-US, TDP-P4, TDP-P3-US, TLP-X4500U
5.  Approx. Length : 6 ft (1.8 meters )
6.  As the manufacturer always varies their production quantity, the color of this item you see in the photo may not be the same color you receive  
7.  P.S. : Check your product manual or our item description for additional compatibilities.

Package includes:
1 x Male to VGA USB Male Cable

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