New 500W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V Adapter with Travel Adaptor

Are you searching for the best "New 500W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V Adapter with Travel Adaptor? Here I recommend one from DealExtreme Company, a professional company focus on this kind of product.

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This AC power inverter is specially designed to convert the DC electricity into AC by using an electronic circuit. The power inverter is ultra-compact and highly portable. With latest technology, it is reliable and useful for a long time. It also features overload protection and low battery indicator to ensure its stable electricity. You can apply this power inverter to many electrical devices, such as laptop, computer, TV and so on. Hence, you should order a power inverter for urgent needs.

1.New and High quality
2.Can convert DC12V into AC 220V output
3.Can be directly used to charge for MP3 and mobile phone
4.Can protect the electric circuit
5.A universal socket, available in many countries
6.Can work under the circumstance of ultrasonic sound
7.Audio alarm wrans of low battery level prior to anto shut down
8.Safely shuts down in over temperature or overload condition
9.Operate a 13" TV for about  hours from a typical car battery
10.Simply plug into 12-volt outlet for instant AC power

Output voltage:220V AC
Output frequebcy:50hz+/-2hz
Output wave form:modified sine wave

Input voltage range:10.0-15.0VDC
Low battery alarm(nomina):10.4-11.0
Low battery shutdown point(nomina):9.7-10.3
High battery shutdown point(nomina):14.5-15.5

Battery drain with on AC load (at 12V input):<0.3A
Peak efficiency:>90%

Package Included:
1 x DC 12V TO AC 220V Power inverter 500W

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