New Double Color 2 Way Nail Art Dotting Marbleizing Pen Silvery Ahd Light Yellow

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One cannot ignore the importance and effect of nails in the total outlook of a person. Beautifully-maintained nails will attract everyone’s attention. Now you will need a useful dotting marbleizing pen to highlight the beauty of your nails. This Nail Art Dotting Marbleizing Pen is a practical tool to draw the dots and lines on your nails. In addition, it is your economical choice. As long as you purchase this dotting marbleizing pen, you can DIY your nails at home without spending much money at salon.

1. One end with a brush and another end with Dotting Pen for your different needs
2. Easy and accurate, it can make your dots round perfectly
3. Ideal for picking up rhinestone, steel bead, pearl or any other small items for nail art
4. You can use this useful tool for creating swirl and textured effect, as well as dots into petal shapes when doing detailed pattern

2. Length:6.18in/15.7cm
3. Color:silvery ahd light yellow (handle)

Package Includes:
1 x Nail Art Dotting Marbleizing Pen

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