New DVD Media Remote Control Controller for XBOX 360 White

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1.The Xbox Guide Button allows for easy navigation of the Xbox Gamer Guide
2.The Xbox 360 Universal Media Remote includes control buttons for your music, pictures, and more
3.The Xbox 360 supports progressive-scan for DVD playback functionality, including a control for opening and closing the tray
A, B, X, and Y buttons are included for basic control of your Xbox 360 system, even without a controller
Numbered and backlit keypad gives you full functionality, even in the dark
4.Powered by: 2 x AA batteries
5.Workable range: <9m, within 45 degree angle
6.Five keys to control the XBOX 360 menu

Package include:
1 x Universal Media DVD Remote Controller Pad For Xbox360

Compatible with:
For Microsoft Xbox360

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