New Elegant Charming 9 Rhinestones Shambhala Bracelet Colorful

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1.New and high quality
2.The bracelet is elegant that looks very stylish for any occasion
3.The dangling charms are lovely that will compliment any woman's hand
4.It is a must for anyone that likes charm bracelets
5.The effect is stunning, grab this as a thoughtful gift for a friend, or pick one up for yourself

1.Condition: New
2.Material: Clays, Middle East Rhinestone, Hematite
3.The diameter of each rhinestone:9mm / 0.39"
4.Max Perimeter: 28cm / 11.02"
5.Minimum Perimeter: 15cm / 5.91"
6.Weight:13g/ 0.46oz

Package included:1 x 9 Rhinestones Shambhala Bracelet




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